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Armslist: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

How easy is it to buy a firearm from a complete stranger without a background check? In an analysis of internet gun sales in 10 states from a single website during the months of June and July, Third Way found more than 15,000 guns—one-third of which were semi-automatics—available for sale without background checks at any given moment. In 2,000 web ads in these states, buyers were intentionally seeking private sellers where background checks are specifically exempt from federal law. 

Third Way surveyed Armslist.comthe eHarmony of gun sales—and created these infographics to provide state-specific snapshots of the availability of guns for sale in states where Senators failed to support bipartisan legislation to close the virtual loophole.

Read more about The Virtual Loophole in our new report. 

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Dramatic Increases in Independent Registration Since 2008

The number of registered Independents in the 8 presidential battleground states has increased by nearly 1 million since 2008. During the same time period, Democratic registration has fallen slightly and Republican registration has inched up. In total, since 2008 in these 8 states:

  • Independent registration has increased 969,589, or 14.4%, and now stands at 7,697,565;
  • Republican registration has increased by 158,037, or 1.3%, and now stands at 12,047,112; and,
  • Democratic registration has decreased by 372,827, or 2.5%, and now stands at 14,723,535.

Democratic registration was down over 800,000 in our August voter registration report. Since then, Democrats have added 427,502 to the voter rolls just in these 8 states. 

In 6 states—Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania—Independent registration has grown faster than either Democratic or Republican registration. In Iowa, Republicans gained while Democrats and, to a lesser extent, Independents fell. In New Hampshire, voter registration fell across the board, but Republicans shed the fewest voters.

And in 5 states—Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, and North Carolina—Independent registration increased by double digits, the largest a gain of 25.2% in Colorado and the smallest 19.5% in Nevada.

Read more in our newest analysis of the numbers: Rage Against the Machine: Independent Registration Soars Since 2008.